Meet Leonor, my first client as a Freelance Videographer.
Leonor is a Spanish artist from Madrid, she contacted me about creating her first music video and to that I agreed. 
Already having experience with shoots and video production, I first gathered some information about her music
- Slow Paced
- About love and heartbreak
- Mainly acoustic (only guitar and her voice)
Once the pace and genre was established, it was time to decide on the location. Considering the weather and theme, I decided best to record in a park. There were a few in mind but evidently we chose to do it at Battersea park and It would not be crowded at 9am
The video above has no sound due to the client wanting to put the sound once she had recorded the song professionally. Hence created a video that she could use any where with any sound
The video to the left is one that I made for her instagram reels to help promote her music video

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