Greetings! I'm Adam Chua, the creative mind behind @adamzaim on Instagram. My journey as a Street Photographer has taken me from the vibrant streets of London to the captivating landscapes of Malaysia. While I can't claim that photography has been my lifelong passion, I have always had a deep appreciation for the visual arts, ranging from abstract expressions to the intimacy of portraiture. Additionally, I possess a keen aptitude for electronics.
Let me share the backstory that fuels my passion. Growing up with dyslexia in an era when it was seldom discussed made me feel like an enigma during school, a subject rarely broached. It meant I struggled with conventional learning methods, whether in speaking or writing. However, my saving grace was my ability to create with my hands, whether crafting robots from spare parts or painting intricate works of art.
Then, the day I picked up a camera, my perspective on life transformed. Suddenly, I wasn't just Adam but a photographer, seeing the world through the lens as a 2D image that weaves countless narratives, each open to interpretation. The act of donning my headphones and venturing out with my camera bestows upon me a profound sense of liberation. It's a world where nothing is tethered, and my thoughts materialize visually. I believe this sense of freedom is essential for everyone, keeping us grounded and connected to our individual visions, unaffected by external influences.
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