My Equipment List
In the image:
- Buffalo Tripod
- Canon 500D
- 35mm micro lens
-  24mm - 105mm lens
- zhiyun gimbal
- Gopro Hero 4
- Mavic 2 Air
Yes, this is my equipment list but what I prominently use is my iPhone and the Arial drone as it is easy to carry. I usually edit on the go with Lightroom in my phone.
Self Portrait
This portrait was taken at Roots Café by Kebun Kota in Kuantan, Malaysia.
A very minimalistic image to convey my simple thoughts with the idea that you really do not require expensive cameras to be able to portray your thoughts in images.
Merge Task
5 shots, 2 subjects and one idea.
This image was taken for the merge task given to us, Digital Photography students.

The subjects within the image is my best friend (in the blue striped shirt) and his brother (in red). As golf is one of the sports we played, I thought I would try to portray the complexity and elegance of this sport and show that this is not only a "rich mans" pastime. 
Each motion during the swing is key to have accuracy and range. With that, every iron and club has their own way of hitting and if its not done well, it could cause the game.
Background Hunt and Shoot 
This idea came when I saw a book on a shelf and when I was flicking through, I found a picture within the book and thought this was a great place to Photoshop my Self Portrait to complete my Background Hunt and Shoot task.
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